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Agency JOBS

These are a sample of agency clients with whom Zajon has worked. In general, the agency interacted with their customer, and provided Zajon with the design. On occasion Zajon is present at client meetings to offer technical expertise.

Projects have ranged from building eCommerce sites, creating customer contest registration portals, and supporting/ updating existing B2B portals.

Logo - Brown Wood Fish

Zajon partnered with Brown Wood Fish providing maintenance and support of an existing B2B web application when the original developer changed jobs.

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Logo - True Digital

We worked with a digital agency, who created the design and content for the site. Zajon partnered with a UI developer who created HTML / CSS templates. We built the site to display current products and which interacted with the customer's inventory system to ensure that information was up-to-date and displayed the most recent images.

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Logo - Nestle

We built several web sites working with one of their advertising agencies. The sites were part of a viral marketing campaign which included videos and on-line petitions.

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Logo - Darrah Electric

We worked with a design company to create a web site with basic ecommerce using an off-the-shelf shopping cart.

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Logo - Liggett Stashower

Zajon created a custom extranet application for this advertising agency. Its purpose is to support efforts to work with clients.

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