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Web services may be a solution for your company.

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Web Services

Sharing Applications Over the Internet

Zajon has create web services for our clients that are used by customer's web sites and their client's applications. These web services are part of our client's revenue stream.

Create and Track Revenue

Do you want your customer to pay when they use your web service?

Zajon has built web services that billed client's customers for use of their web service.

  • Subscription Billing - We have created services that were based on subscriptions. The user pays to access the service for a given length of time for a set number of uses.
    For example you could charge a customer $2500 to use a service 500 times a month for a year.
  • Pay per Use - We have also created a service where users were charged a flat rate, for example $0.50 per usage.

We can work with your accounts receivable and IT department to link the service directly to your billing software or generate reports manually for handle billing.