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We have been building web sites and applications since 2004.

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Software / Application Development

Custom application development

Do you have an idea, but are not sure how to make it happen? Zajon can help make your idea real.

We specialize in custom application development for small and medium size business.

Search Thousands or Hundreds of Millions of Records and Organize the Results

Do you need searchable records presented in an easy to understand format? We have experience working with end users to build reports and exportable documents that are easy to read and understand.

Zajon created an on line application matching names (using Damerau–Levenshtein distance) and date ranges to build a list of most like results. Customer could sort and organize the results as needed before exporting the result as a PDF or Excel file.

Create Exercise Routines

Do you have hundreds of exercises and videos used for rehabilitation and want your clients to be able to create and save routines to give to their patients?

Zajon created an online application that lets users create rehabilitation plans to help patients recover after surgery or an injury.

We also helped them store and organize thousands of research documents. The custom web site helped users search for and find the appropriate file based on information, such as sport, injury, related product and subject age.

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Store Locators

Whether your clients can purchase your product or service in dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations we can help then find your business. Zajon can also help manage the list of locations by automatically importing data from corporate databases or through a human interface.

We have built our clients store locators that use Google's Map API to help people find the nearest store.