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Zajon has helped clients update their web sites since 2004.

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Updating Your Existing Web Site

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Remember how you felt, when your web site was shiny and new.

Out growing your old site, or is your old site not helping grow your business?

Replacing Your First Site

Your original web site is a bit old and you know that it needs to be upgraded. But, you are not sure what to add or how to best spend your money. Let Zajon analyze your site and traffic patterns to create recommendations based on fact.

Adding Features

Your web site is working well, but you thought of some new features you'd like to add.

  • Want to help customers with Live Chat
  • Ready to add ecommerce?
  • Maybe you want to add a "Store Locator" or "Where to Buy" feature.
  • Want to help your customers figure out how much of a product they need to do a job? (For example: how much mulch to cover flower beds.)
    Yes, we can tie this into your product order system.
  • Do you have a lot of research related to your products, and want to organize it and share it with your customers?